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Marketing automation

Automating repetitive tasks

The goal of marketing automation is to simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks.

In business to business your potential customers all:

  • Are unique as they have a high value
  • Have specific demands or needs
  • Require a personalized approaches

Applying Marketing automation might not achieve the expected results as you will send messages that:

  • Are too generic
  • Have the wrong timing
  • Too frequent

Relevant, personalized and timely Marketing

Instead you should send messages:

  • Related to their interest and needs
  • Personalized content
  • Timely
  • Only when they show an interest

You can achieve this by implementing the Caller-ID for your website: LEADSExplorer that:

  • Reveals the companies visiting: company names & domain name
  • Identifies their interest or need: search terms used and pages visited
  • Shows their buying intentions based on their online behavior
  • Scores the lead in order to let you focus on the hottest leads
  • Enables to find contacts within these visiting companies

The parts of the marketing that can be automated are the searches for contacts, the company information and the sending of emails using templates.

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Use the same information to re-target by nurturing your visiting companies with LEADSExplorer

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