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Marketing and Sales assistant

The on-line 24/7 assistant on your website

  • Reveals the companies visiting your website: Caller-ID
  • Locates your lead or customer geographically
  • Tells you which language the lead speaks
  • Turns your inbound marketing into leads
  • Reveals you the search terms used by the lead to find your website
  • Identifies the interests and needs for your products by lead and customer
  • Shows the most interested companies (scoring)
  • Allows reaching out to your leads early in their buying cycle
  • Informs when a customer is visiting again
  • Gives you access to Internet-Data-Mining on companies
  • Helps you to find contacts within visiting companies
  • Enables re-targeting visiting companies by email
  • Collects emails by customer or lead
  • Matches visitors with email addresses if email is exchanged
  • Will help converting more visitors into business
  • Is your online Lead Follow-up System
  • Shows the contact history (email, telephone, meetings, letters,…) with companies
  • Plots the visits and intensity of the visits combined with the communication exchanges
  • Helps you reducing lead generation costs
  • Will increase your nurturing efficiency
  • Informs about buying intentions based upon online behavior
  • Shortens your sales cycle
  • Improves your selling
  • Keeps your agenda for calls, emails and meetings
  • Is reachable online from anywhere
  • Works 24 x7 – and never complains

        Converting more visitors into leads - increasing your business

This perfect sales and marketing assistant can be tested here for free.

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