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The new rules of cold calling

More efficient cold calling

No salesman likes making cold calls.
No CEO or VP likes receiving cold calls.

Apparently the Internet and email has replaced the telephone for lead generation.
Cold calling has become old-fashioned. It’s not cool.

Cold calling is not dead but has severely diminished, but it is still important in B2B as it remains an efficient way to reach potential customers.

Cold calling used to be a numbers game: the more you called the more likelihood of striking success.

In order to improve cold calling efficiency by having less calls and more success, you should follow these new rules:

  1. Cold call only on the companies that:
    1. Have visited your website
    2. Have visited multiple times
    3. You have qualified by the search terms used and the pages visited.
      They need to have shown sufficient interest.
  2. Propose the product that they are interested in by knowing the pages visited most and / or the search terms used
  3. The catch: investigate on the Internet about the companies to be called in order to 'personalize' (adjust to their situation) your cold call. Match your solution with their situation, problem or issues
  4. Have no rejection fear as this will improve your success significantly: you will be calling timely interested parties. The people you are calling are working for a company that has shown interest and especially in the product you are proposing it is likely to get interested people on your phone
  5. The goal of your call is lead generation not closing of a sale. You are at the beginning of sales cycle, not the closing  

Use LEADSExplorer for your Cold Calling. Even use your email marketing lists for finding contacts within the visiting companies.

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