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Personal relevant lead nurturing

Leads on your website to be nurtured

Most prospects landing on your website are yet not interested to communicate with your sales rep. as their goal is to search for a solution or investigate on your products.
Some will buy others not – some will buy from you or from your competitors.

If you leave it to their decision based on:

  • The impression of your website
  • Information from other web sources - including your competitors
  • The efforts from the salesmen of your competitors

Then you are passive and not in sales.

Communicate in a relevant and personalized way to your prospects

Instead of waiting, after having qualified them as lead, you should nurture and develop relationships with each of them. This is a big challenge as you need to address certain people in these companies with a message that interests them at the very moment of interest.

This is where LEADSExplorer fits in for personalized nurturing:

  1. Identifying leads:
    • Know which companies are visiting
    • Their interest in some products
  2. Qualifying leads using the provided lead scoring
  3. Finding out about their level of interest using the Activity chart
  4. Acting now: Their interest is now – hence now is time for action
  5. Finding people to contact using stored procedures for Internet-Data mining
  6. Creating a suiting personalized message by knowing their interest
  7. Nurturing by sending an email to the retrieved contacts in the visiting companies
  8. Matching the email addresses with the visitor (can be automated if you want)
  9. Receiving alerts when a company or contact visits again
  10. Seeing their interest growing or decreasing over time on the Activity chart

report by email new visiting companies

All these functions are provided by LEADSExplorer for your convenience and saving time as they are integrated.

Sending a relevant and personalized message to people in interested companies is likely to engage you into a conversation with them. Moreover you can monitor your nurturing effectiveness on the Activity charts.

Create your personalized relevant nurturing messages by sign-up for a free trial here.

The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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