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Achieve impressive improvement in Sales Effectiveness

Customer behavior – body language

Conventionally selling face-to-face, sales reps use their interpersonal skills to read the interest and intent of a prospect by listening and interpreting his or her body language.

Today buyers and decision makers have taken their research and product comparisons online. In many occasions the inquiries and selling occurs over the internet and by phone.

Sales reps miss the rich 'real life' behavioral indicators that help understand the interest and intent of their prospects. Moreover segregating the best from the good opportunities has often become a gamble.

Website behavior tracking for sales opportunities

What if your sales reps could read the online body language of the prospect or customer?
What if they could have insight in their interest, intentions and likelihood to buy and know exactly when to call and what to say?

This would make your sales reps much more effective as they would know exactly when and who to call and what to focus on.

Digital body language

With the digital body language of LEADSExplorer your sales reps:

  • Can easily know:
    • Which web pages prospects and customers visit (and thus what they are interested in)
    • How or why they landed on the page (what they were reading before coming to your site or what search terms they type in the search engine)
    • How frequently they are coming back (indicating their interest in your offerings)
  • Will receive real-time alerts when companies are visiting again showing a buying intent
  • Have a visual level of interest indicator over time indicating the increase or decrease of interest – combined with the communications (email, phone,...)
  • Have an overview of all visiting companies and their level of interest and communications on a time chart allowing to focus on the hottest opportunities

Visitor identification by company name

This digital body language results in having a much richer understanding of sales leads and knowing the best times to reach out to them. Moreover the sales manager has a visual tool to easily follow-up on all opportunities.

  • Increase revenue growth faster: Sales reps can focus time and attention on the best opportunities (leads and customers)
  • Deepen relationships with prospects, leads and customers: Achieve more personal relationships by delivering the right sales message at the right time
  • Boost sales effectiveness: Facilitate sales reps to have an overview of all the buying intentions that happen across all their leads, prospects and customers

Online behavior benefits

The online behaviors of your leads, prospects and customers will tell you if they are:

  • Interested in your products
  • Actively investigating a solution right now
  • Open to communication
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of your sales reps and sales team.

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The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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