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Sales enablement

Empowering your sales force

Sales enablement is empowering your sales force with information and strategic client oriented insight in order to ensure greater sales win and thus increase revenue.
Every salesman needs specific resources to improve his sales interactions.

  • Currently due to the lack of information and insight up to 1 out of 3 deals are lost
  • 2 out of 5 sales pitches are just generic – these non client oriented sales pitches are killing the deals
  • More than half of the sales reps are poorly prepared for the initial client meetings
  • Most sales reps are not informed about the goals and requirements of clients: they find out too late

Sales enablement can be the catalyst between marketing and sales as people from both departments are informed and get insight with as benefit a reduced misinformation risk.
Through their sales knowledge advantage more deals will be won. More revenue will be obtained.

Actionable information for your sales force

A company needs to provide as much useful and actionable information to their sales team for:

  • Insight into problems, issues and needs of potential customers and clients
  • Lead qualification: the more information the more rational you can qualify leads
  • Lead scoring: focusing on the hottest leads it is much more beneficial
  • Lead nurturing: relevant personalized messages will really interest the potential customer
  • Meetings: better knowing what the requirement and needs are before for the sales pitch
  • RFI / RFP: knowing more than what the RFI or RFP reveals and requires
  • Price quotations: aware of the real need and demand allows proposing the best deal

Information sources for sales enablement

In order to provide sales enablement all possible information should be available and accessible for marketing and sales – especially all the digital information a company can gather from its’ sources of information:

  • The website
  • The Internet
  • The emails

The website:
Especially the website is a major source of information and will give extensive insight in potential customers as employees and decision makers of a company will visit the websites of vendors before, during and after the sales process.

  • Before: to find solutions or alternative vendors: search terms used – pages visited
  • During: craving information for their insight in the solutions offered
  • After: once a deal is closed the next deal might be coming up

The Internet:
Much information is available on the Internet: Company website, Press releases, product reviews, financial information, social websites (LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, Viadeo) … whatever.
All Information should be easily provided.

The emails:
As email is a digital medium it should be integrated also into the complete information provisioning of a company
Email sent and received to have the complete picture in one place.

Information aggregation by LEADSExplorer

Visitor identification by company name

All this information is aggregated by company by LEADSExplorer:

  • Anonymous website visitors analysis
  • Company identification on website
  • Interest by company
  • Buying intentions
  • Timing when to call
  • Online behavior
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead funnel
  • Internet data mining
  • Email collecting by company
  • Graphical presentation of the visit intensity and communications over time

LEADSExplorer can provide you with the best sales enablement by combining your website, the Internet and emails.

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