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Strengthen your sales force at minimum cost

Let your website help out

Your sales force could have some help.
Your website is there to give a hand.

Currently your website isn’t helping much as only up to 3 percent of your visitors:

  • Complete your online contact form
  • Register for your newsletter
  • Contact you directly by email or telephone

Website provides actionable lead intelligence

Your sales force can be strengthened by your website when using LEADSExplorer that:

  • Reveals the companies visiting your website
  • Identifies the interest in products
  • Shows the level of interest
  • Informs when a company visits again
  • Monitors the increase or decrease of level of interest over time
  • Finds contacts within these visiting companies

report by email new visiting companies

Your sales force will know:

  • Which companies to call or email
  • When to call or email
  • What to tell or to write
  • Who to call or to write
  • How effective their nurturing is

More sales at a marginally higher cost

This will:

  • Increase your lead generation
  • Improve your nurturing
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Let you close more sales
  • Increase your operating cost marginally (Web service)

Start strengthen your sales force by signing-up for a free trial here.

The visitor intelligence and information provided by LEADSExplorer is also useful for following-up on your leads and tracing your customers as they all do visit your website too.

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