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Best bets watch list for sales opportunities

Focus instantly on the hottest sales opportunities of leads and customers

When sales reps are able to focus their time on the hottest sales opportunities of leads or customer that are likely to buy, then they will close more business faster.

With LEADSExplorers’ sales effectiveness web service, you can:

  • View a dashboard of your “best bets” for action across all opportunities of leads or customers
  • Prioritize based on interest level and lead quality
  • Find the hottest sales opportunities between leads and customers using the Activity charts
  • Select the specific opportunities and contacts you want to track and follow
  • Drill into any opportunity instantly
  • Analyze effectiveness nurturing
  • Shorten your sales cycle by knowing reactions of lead or customer on your communications

visiting companies

Some like it hot - in sales you need to like the hottest using your best bet watch list.

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The discovery of companies on your website is also to be used for following-up on your leads and tracing your customers as they all do visit your website too.

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