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Visitor tracking for lifecycle lead & customer tracing

Your leads' and customers' experience tracked

Your lead’s and customer’s experience is made up of many interactions using different channels over time. LEADSExplorer allows you to:

  1. Discover, store and retrieve the digital interactions: website visits and emails
  2. Register all other interactions: telephone calls, meetings, letters, …

See your lead interactions over time:

Initial: Clicked on ad - Clicked on link - Clicked on search result link
Pages visited during first visit
Second visit: Pages visited and search term used for finding you back
Third visit: By other employee: pages visited
Email to lead: Nurturing email
Fourth visit: Another employee has clicked on the link in the email
Email from lead: Inquiry about products
Automatically matching the email address with a visitor
Email exchanges: Additional visits or emails
Possibility of automatically matching email addresses with visitors
Email from lead: Invitation for meeting
Automatically matching the email address with a visitor
Pre-meeting visit: People visit before meeting to investigate
Meeting: Finding out who has been visiting the website
Visit after the meeting: Probably the decision maker investigating
Purchase: Receiving the purchase order by email
Automatically matching the email address with a visitor
Months later: Several visits:
A renewed interest which indicates time to call the customer


Online behavior indicating buying intentions

With the lifecycle lead and customer tracing and tracking from LEADSExplorer you are able to keep track of each lead and customer interaction in order to be on top of your customer actions and to predict what they might do next based upon their online behavior for knowing their buying intentions

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Use the same information to re-target by nurturing your visiting companies with LEADSExplorer

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