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The Marketing & Sales manual for website visitor identification services

The engaged marketing responses

New company to become a lead

The event:
A company visits several pages and spends significant time on your website.

You investigate concerning the business of the company using the Google search function in LEADSExplorer and retrieve possible contacts with the pre-defined searches on Internet data bases.

Then email using the re-target visiting companies in LEADSExplorer or calling the contacts in company in order to introduce you and propose the products the visitors showed interest in (search terms used and pages visited) without mentioning the website visits.
If they mention the coincidence of their interest, then admit that your company prides itself in identifying good prospects.

The lost prospect or ex-customer

The event:
A known prospect that has been out of touch or ex-customer starts visiting again.

You call your contacts proposing a meeting or conference call to bring them and the key decision-makers up to date on trends, new developments and changes in the industry and your product developments.
You can send teasing marketing stuff (as you know the products the visitors were interested in) but not full presentations or white papers as you need to get the meeting.

The hot lead

The event:
A hot lead show an increasing number of visits from different persons

Call your contacts in order to find out about the status of the project. It can be nearing a turning point or a complete change. In particular look for changes in the purchase process or changes in decision makers. If any changes in purchase process or decision makers then try to set up a meeting to clear out and explain any possible misunderstandings.

Follow-up visit on call or meeting

The event:
After calling or meeting with a company, you notice visits from different people of the company

It is clear your call or visit has triggered interest and your message (or product information) has been distributed in the company.
As the interest is high, then you should manage to get another appointment with the decision makers. Probably increase the likelihood to sell to this prospect in your funnel.

The customer

The event:
A customer starts visiting again and certain product pages specifically

Investigate why your customer would need these products. Therefore look for changes in their management, their products or regulation requirements.
Then call your contacts at that customer and mention the changes in their company you noticed and possibly relate these to your solutions that were searched for (without telling you are aware of their visits). It is very likely to engage in a good conversation which hopefully turns into a meeting appointment.

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