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Identify more suspects to increase leads

Converting visitors into leads into customers

All companies need suspects that need to be qualified as leads for nurturing into customers.
Those suspects are on your website.
The visitors on your website are interested parties as they are looking for a solution.

The problem is that those suspects don’t identify themselves to you:

  • Not use your online forms
  • Not send an email
  • Not even download a white paper

as they want to stay incognito.

In the best case 3% of your visitors will identify themselves, which makes 97% of all your potential suspects lost.

visiting companies

Identify visitors as suspects by re-targeting

All you need is to identify these visitors in order to get in touch with your suspects.
This is re-targeting your visitors.

LEADSExplorer solves this problem by:

  • Revealing the companies visiting your website
  • Indicating their level of interest by scoring
  • Identifying their interest in specific products or services by the statistics of pages visited
  • Providing methods to find contacts on the Internet: name, email
  • Re-target with:
    • The most appropriate email selected from a range of templates
    • Templates your created previously - don't waste too much time typing
    • The email will open in your email client
    • Allowing editing in your email client – just like any other email
    • Send the email from your email client: check before you send
    It's YOU who is sending the email, but much more targeted and faster.


Re-target also your existing visiting customers when they are interested again.

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