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Connecting email addresses with visitors

Use of Dropbox für matching visitor - email address

Your Dropbox can be found in the “Admin”. Email dropbox

3 ways of using your Dropbox:

  • By putting your Dropbox in BCC when sending an email
  • By forwarding emails you sent or received to your Dropbox
  • By having all your emails automatically forwarded to your Dropbox

1) The outgoing emails:
a) You need to send out emails to the visiting companies using the Dropbox in the "Bcc:"
Then the system will try to match the email address with the visitors.

b) Finding email addresses:
See Re-target visiting companies
You can find email address of people in the visiting companies by using the predefined searches on the visiting company on the “Home” page or in SALESTractor (Lead Follow-up System). By simply clicking on the links of the "search engines" you will be able to find contacts and email addresses.

2) The incoming emails:
You forward all useful emails received to your Dropbox.
Then the system will try to match email address with a visitor.

3) Automatic relay:
The Dropbox email address can be set as a parameter in your email server (like Microsoft Exchange). Then each email should get into the system without you needing to use Bcc or to Forward.

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