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Improve customer retention for increasing the income

Existing customers can bring more income with fewer efforts and lesser costs than finding new customers requiring lead generation.

Your current customers:

  • Know your company and products or solutions.
  • Are convinced of your products or services.
  • Are possibly open to cross selling.
  • Are easy to contact.

Constant contact timely

Thus keeping contact with your existing customers is primordial.
Especially as the potential to generate sales is high at a relative low costs compared to lead generation.

LEADSExplorer notifies when the customer visits again, thus allowing to:

  • Measuring the interest generated by your communications.
  • Knowing when the company has a new interest.

This by providing:

  • The pages visited.
  • The duration of their visit.
  • The number of unique visitors.
  • The increase of visits presented visually.

Thus if a company starts visiting again, it is time to contact them again.
Customer retention is important.

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

The knowledge of changes in level of interest can be used for:

  • Deciding if it is time to call or email
  • Knowing if a lead or a customer is interesting enough to investigate on their needs.
  • Changing your subject or communication
  • Nurturing better your leads, prospects and customers.

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