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LEADSExplorer explained

  • Web services (SaaS): easy to implement and use everywhere (browser)
  • Identifying visitors by company name, geographic and Internet origin
  • Qualify visitors as leads
  • Website data and email are inserted into Lead Follow-up System: becomes a source of information
  • More leads - better funnel follow-up
  • Versions:
    - DISCOVER: know who (company) and why (interest) is visiting
    - SALESTractor: DISCOVER + Lead Follow-up, Activity charts, Email collection - matching

Web service (SaaS)

In order to be able to use LEADSExplorer, it only requires an inserting of java script line in each page or the header page of your Web site, similar to the majority of web analytic applications.
LEADSExplorer is a service Web, using the same method as web analytics, but there the resemblance ends.

Discovering visitors by company name - Website visitor identification:

For each visitor the search words used his origin from the Web and location in the world is shown, together with all the web pages visited, including statistics.
For every visitor the service will detect and lookup using a vast data base the enterprise by name or the name of ISP which the company uses. In order to discover the company names, which are `hidden' by the ISP name, there are additional systems available in LEADSExplorer, but these require your human intervention for analyzing or for interpreting the data retrieved.

Visitor qualification as lead

Once the visitor identified with the company name, using the available website visit data and information retrieved from the Internet from different sources about the company, you will be able to qualify the visitor as a lead or as not interesting. The qualified visitors are saved as a lead into the Lead Follow-up System.

Seamless identification and Lead Follow-up System

When user saves a discovered company in LEADSExplorer this entity is created in the Lead Follow-up System (Lead Relationship Management), with the effect of all visiting data to be aggregated by company.
The Lead Follow-up System allows noting the typical CRM data, such as the address, comments and contacts. Additionally all the communications or visits with them.
And also the planned telephone calls or meetings. This will result into the "Todo" lists.

It is evident that existing customers or known prospects can be entered directly into the Lead Follow-up System, and their next website visits will be traced and tracked.

Due to the fact that the visits and the communications are within the same data base and system, LEADSExplorer allows representing visually both communications and website visits on a time axis for analysis and interpretation.
You communicate and see visually the reaction and interest by the visit(s) !

Of course the visited pages and the search words employed by all visitors of one company are grouped (aggregated) for further analysis of the needs.

Prospecting & Lead qualification

In order to be able to prospect an unknown company, using the multiple `Internet Dated Mining' tools makes it possible to find contacts within the visiting company.
As in any prospecting system there are overviews to follow-up the advance of the lead generating or prospecting process or for finding forgotten companies. Additionally several other useful tools and systems are available.

A Lead qualification system is present for managing the salesmen and the leads and allowing defining the funnel. Moreover the lead qualification and selling follow-up can be done very efficiently as LEADSExplorer visually combines the website visits and the commercial efforts.

This Lead Follow-up System attracts the sales people

LEADSExplorer allows using the website as a source of information for the sales people, concerning the interested parties, leads or customers visiting the website. The constant inflow of the data from the Website into the Lead Follow-up System, by automatically inserting the visiting data into the Lead Follow-up System, makes the Lead Follow-up System an environment of information. This data inflow will attract the salesmen and get them interested to use the Lead Follow-up System.

Available in 2 versions

LEADSExplorer is available in 2 versions:
The `discovery of companies’: Lead generation (detailed information)
- SALESTractor:
The complete solution with Lead Follow-up System: Lead generation + Customer retention (detailed information)

Download: Click here to open pdf a one page Product sheet on LEADSExplorer.
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