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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions


General, legal and Invoicing /Payment

What is hosted software / SaaS / web service ?
No software to be installed.
This is a solution, not requiring any software installation, thus no maintenance or updates to take care of or to worry about. ‘Plug-and-go”.
SaaS: Software as a Service.
The solution can be accessed and used by any web browser from any computer or network device that has an Internet connection.

Is tracking of website visitors legal ?
As long as no private persons are tracked there is no legal issue.
Extensive research has been done in this area in order that tracking with LEADSExplorer is legal.

Are there any government restrictions for use of the company information ?
The company information obtained by using LEADSExplorer has no legal restrictions, as the information has been submitted by the company to the used sources we use , or the company has published it themselves on to the Internet.

Is LEADSExplorer a web statistics or a web analytics service ?
Not exactly. LEADExplorer is a lead- and sales-tool.
LEADSExplorer includes some functions found in web statistics software or web analytics services, but it is not any of these.
Much more:
LEADSExplorer reveals the companies, the actual visitors and their interest on your website. Aggregation is on company level, not on the website as web analytics/statistics do.
The goal of LEADSExplorer is to find leads, to follow-up on customers.
The intention is not for having information about your website or your web pages, it is about the visitors.
Web analytics and statistic packages are intended to be used by Webmasters, Web designers and Internet Marketing responsible, whereas LEADSExplorer is intended for Sales, the Sales team and Marketing (the latter in case they are involved in the lead generation for the company).

Can one know in real-time, if a certain visitor is present on the website ?
The history of the visits in DISCOVER and SALESTractor are captured and built up in real-time and is represented by thumbnails for your convenience.
Several other functions and features happen also in real time.
This being real-time allows for Sales and the Sales team to react immediately.

How long will it take to set up ?
After completing the Sign-up for the Free trial or for the Paying services (DISCOVER or SALESTractor), our systems will setup the account and users and send you an email containing the java script line, which need to be inserted in the web pages or the header page of the website.
From then on the system is in operation.

Payment and invoicing
During set-up you can choose between payment on the Internet using Credit or debit cards and payment by bank transfer upon receiving our invoice.
Payments can be done in 3 currencies: EUR, USD and GBP.

  • Payment on the Internet is done using the Merchant payment services of Paypal.
    These are not the email payments of Paypal, but their Merchant payment services.
    Thus no sign up required for their services. No need to have a Paypal account.
    If you do have Paypal account you can use it of course.
    After the payment the email with the Java script code will be sent and afterwards the invoice will be emailed to you.
    Countries served: USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Australia, China.
  • Payment by bank transfer upon receiving our invoice.
    After sign-up, we will send you first the Java script code and then the invoice. We expect you to pay the invoice upon receipt by bank transfer on our ban account in UK.
    For European customers from SEPA countries, the low cost SEPA payments can be used, using the “Shared cost” option on the payment form. BIC and IBAN number will be supplied on the invoice.

Technical matters

What platforms is LEADSExplorer available ?
As the main requirement is the browser: any Windows, Mac and Linux systems
Moreover many web enabled mobile phones or smart phones having a browser can be used too. However for Mobile phones try before you buy as there are too many different versions and models.

Which browsers ?
Our services are tested with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), Firefox,  Opera, Netscape 7.0
Moreover care is taken to ensure that the service also works with other browsers and older versions.

How many pages can be tracked ?
You can track as many pages as you want. The more pages, the better and more complete your information will be.

Any restrictions for the website ?
No. (As far as we know)
LEADSexplorer will work with all types of websites.
Dynamic and static websites
PHP, JSP, ASP, Coldfusion, Perl, …

What if the visitor uses the “back button” ?
By using the “back button”, cached pages are displayed.
Still as the Java script is executed each time the page is loaded, all data is tracked.

Can a firewall cause problems ?
You can use a Firewall.

What method is being used ?
Java script: similar to web analytics or statistics service solutions.
Insert using copy/paste the by email supplied single line of Java Script code into the pages you wish to monitor or on all of your web pages or in the "Master" Webpage.
When a visitor browses one of these pages, the Java Script code will initiate a brief communication with the secure LEADSExplorer servers.
As a result information of the visitor and his activities on your website will be aggregated on our servers in real-time.
In addition a cookie, that does not contain any personally identifiable information, will be returned to the pc of the visitor.

How long will installation take?
Short time: from minutes to 60 minutes
This depends on the structure and complexity of your website.
A Java script line needs to be inserted (copy / paste) into the “to be tracked pages” of the website.
If the website has a header page (like in case of most Content Management Systems – CMS), then the Java script only needs to be inserted once in this header page.

Access to log-files required ?
As LEADSExplorer solely uses a java script and thus direct and real-time data are transmitted. No log-file access is required, making the installation easier.

Connections, Browser Plug-ins or other software required for the user?
You do not need to install any additional software or browser plug-ins or any connections need to be made.
You simply need to have a modern browser with Java Script enabled and a connection to the Internet.
Our services are tested with Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explore 7.0, FireFox and Netscape 7.0, but care is taken to ensure that they also work with other browsers and older versions.

Visitor experience

Is there anything visible on our website while tracking ?
Only if the visitor opens the “Page source” in his browser, he will see the java script code amongst the other java script lines currently already present.

Will the visitor notice any difference in his browser or while browsing ?
LEADSExplorer uses standard java script for capturing information.
Java script is used in general for many purposes on most websites. Thus the used java script is just another amongst many on a website.

Will the website be slowed down ?
The communication between your website and or hosted web service servers happens in a fraction of a second with a minimum of data.

Any requirements for the Visitor ?
The Website Visitor just needs to use a Browser with Java Script enabled.
If possible with cookies enabled too, however we have a work around for this.

User requirements

Any training required ?
LEADSExplorer has been designed to be intuitive, evident and logical in use.
Still there is on line information available.

What browser can be used ?
Our services are tested with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), Firefox, Opera, Netscape 7.0.
Moreover care is taken to ensure that they also work with other browsers and older versions.


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