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Google Analytics vs LEADSExplorer:

Traffic vs leads and customers

Google Analytics: traffic analysis and website optimization

The goal of Google Analytics is to provide statistics and analyze the traffic of your website in order to optimize your website, to improve your online presence, to experiment website design for increasing conversions.

How much traffic - How traffic flows
LEADSExplorer: generating leads and customer retention

The purpose of LEADSExplorer is to generate more leads from your website, to increase conversions, to capture more website leads (lead acquisition), to retain your customers, to improve nurturing, to improve cold calling and re-target visiting companies by email.
LEADSExplorer provides real-time prospect and customer intelligence.

Who - What interested - When - Why

The differences compared to Google Analytics

Once you have traffic on your website thanks to Google Analytics then LEADSExplorer will significantly improve converting traffic into leads and keeping your customers

Google Analytics doesn’t provide you with:
  1.   The company name of visitors
  2.   The language used by the visiting employee of the company
  3.   The country (even the city) of the visitor
  4.   The geographic visitor location by time zone: differentiate between headquarters or sales office
  5.   The interest of each visitor: search terms uses, pages visited: the most or longest visited
  6.   The click path by visiting employee
  7.   The interest of each unique visitor by company
  8.   The indication of need or demand for each visiting company: all searches, all pages visited
  9.   The source of visit by company: organic search, paid link, referral, email campaign
  10. The way repeat visitors used to get to your website: search terms, bookmark or internal email
  11. The visit duration by the employee of the company
  12. The total duration of all visits for a company
  13. The number of unique visitors for each company: more unique visitors means more interest
  14. The reaction of leads or customers by visits upon your communications: both represented on time chart
  15. The companies visiting a specific page
  16. The company information retrieved from Internet resources
  17. The alerts by email when a new visit from a company happens
  18. The daily or weekly emailed reports about the companies visiting
  19. The subject for your email or cold call
  20. The possible persons to contact within a visiting company
  21. The re-targeting of visiting companies by email
  22. The interest of your competitors on your website
Visitor identification by company name

Google Analytics and LEADSExplorer are complementary:

  • Google Analytics for webmasters in order to get more traffic
  • LEADSExplorer for marketing and sales to get leads and retain customers

LEADSExplorer is beyond Google Analytics and all other web statistics and analytic services.

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