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Cost of a lead and pricing inquiry

LEADSExplorer hosted online visitor capturing, lead generation and lead follow-up system are priced to suit your needs and budget: We offer several pricing models for companies large and small.

How much would your Company allow to spend pro month on a service, which reveals companies of visitors and their interests ? $/€
How much does your company spend per year on:
- Marketing / Advertising the website ? $/€
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the website? $/€
- The Creation of Content for the website $/€
- The Design of the website ? $/€
- The Consultants involved with the website ? $/€
- Running and Operating the website ? $/€
Number of unique visitors / month on website ?
Number of email addresses the Company obtains / month through the website?
Number of Leads generated through the website pro month ?
Suppose using LEADSExplorer service the number of leads could increase with: %
Suppose using LEADSExplorer service could capture a higher % of Unique Visitors: %

Total cost website / month $/€
Probability of getting Email address per Unique Visitor %
Probability of getting a Lead per Unique Visitor %
Cost of an email address $/€ 
Cost of a Lead $/€
Supposed total Leads/month with LEADSExplorer
New total cost for a Lead with LEADSExplorer $/€
Company could spend/month on LEADSExplorer $/€
Supposed total Conversions of vistors/month with LEADSExplorer
New total cost for a Conversion with LEADSExplorer $/€
Company could spend/month on LEADSExplorer $/€
Compare with your intitial price you wanted to pay for LEADSExplorer $/€
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Leads cost comparison

White paper: Leads White paper comparing:

  • Advertising
  • Trade shows
  • White paper syndication
  • Mailing campaign - Direct mail
  • Telemarketing by Call center
  • Cold calling by salesman
  • Emailing with landing pages
  • LEADSExplorer method
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