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Improve Lead Generation and Prospecting

  • Discover the companies visiting your website
  • Two cases:
    • Known company: client to be contacted
    • Unknown company: retrieve Internet data for contacts
  • Trace your communications on Activity chart by company
  • Activity charts allow analyzing the visit impact of your communications
  • Collecting emails by company
  • Matching email addresses and visitors

Discovering visiting companies: DISCOVER

Start with discovering visitors from companies in the DISCOVER application:
  • Find out and define about the Companies and their visitors.
  • Get visit data and statistics.
  • Recognize returning visitors.
  • Find out about their interests visually with the thumbnails of the pages visited.
  • Qualify your website visitors as lead.
  • Save qualified visitors into the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System.

The SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System

In the Lead Folow-up System/a> all typical data can be stored: address, company information, etc.
Two cases to be considered:

a) Known company
In case of known companies (customers, target companies, ex-customers or missed customers), the company needs to be inserted/created in the Lead Follow-up manually before the first visit on the website. You can define the contacts and gather new contacts from different sources provided for populating the contact lists.
After the first visit, a link needs to be made between the 'visiting company' (in DISCOVER) and the company you have entered into the Lead Follow-up System (SALESTractor). From then on all following visits will be connected to the company in the Lead Follow-up System.

b) Unknown companies
In case a unknown Company visits the website, the Company is created in the Lead Follow-up System upon your action ("Save"), after you have verified website, address and business of the visiting company. This verification is done using the provided tools.
Additionally SALESTractor allows for retrieving contact data from different resources for populating the contact list for this new company.
Using this information targeted Cold Calling and specific emails can be sent, with the appropriate content.
Cold Calls will cause less stress and the knowledge of interest will put you at ease, due to less fear for rejection.

Both types will be tracked and traced within DISCOVER.

Trace and communicate with SALESTractor

Continue in the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System for chasing and tracking companies and visitors, with the goal to convert leads into prospects into sales.
A wide range of data and information sources is provided and different tools are provided to optimize the process:
Starting with Lead Generation, into Lead Acquisition, to Lead Nurturing. But not solely for Leads but as well as for Customer Retention and Customer Engagement: the complete Lead and Customer Management.

Activity chart: visits and contact history

In the contact history (events log), the different communications or the meetings with the contacts, including the next planned actions or tasks are registered.

The Activity chart clearly displays the interaction between the communication with the lead and the generated visits, allowing interpreting the behavior of the prospect.
The different information about the interests like the most visited pages and the different visit histories, which are all represented visually, allows for appropriate communication messages to the company and the contacts.

Matching visitor with email address

Try to start a conversation with the Decision Makers or Leaders of the Company for Lead Nurturing, Customer Retention.
Each visit of a company will allow for more information and bring more possibility to match contacts with visitors.

In case the visitor supplies his email address on the website, it allows for direct linking a visitor with a contact.

In order to be complete: For each company a lead qualification is included in the Lead Follow-up System.

SALESTractor: Seed your leads, nurture your prospects and customers, harvest sales.

Download: Click here to open pdf a one page Product sheet on LEADSExplorer.
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You can download White paper here "9 Steps to convert website visitors into Leads"

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