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Inbound Marketing (Pull): the need for more conversions

  • All marketing efforts lead to your website: conventional and new methods
  • Much marketing efforts generate traffic
  • Resulting in little success: only 3% of all visitors will give contact details
  • Knowing the 97% lost potential leads by company name and origin: ability to target these
  • Works also for customer retention

All Marketing efforts lead to your website:

Examples of this Inbound Marketing (Pull Marketing):

  • All your printed or digital Communications mention your website.
  • All printed and digital advertising invite to visit website.
  • Increasingly Decision Makers gather information on the Internet using Search Engines
  • Less visiting trade shows or attending conferences in favor of Internet.
  • Trade magazines are less read in favor of Internet.
  • Investments in your website and SEO bring even more website visitors.

Components of Inbound Marketing

  1. Content:
    The information is attracting your website visitors. Visitors that can become prospects.
  2. Sources:
    • Search Engines:
      The search engines are the place where most buyers seek for information
    • Links from sites:
      Sites that link to your website will send in potential buyers too
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    The goal of SEO is to get found on the Internet. The efforts in order the potential buyers notice your content in the search engines. These are the practices of using strategies to increase the rankings in search engine results.
  4. Social Media:
    Just having content is great.
    Having content that is discussed, referenced or forwarded acts like a multiplicator - is even better.

Problem: Marketing efforts lead to hardly any result on your website

Most interested people will visit your website directly, instead of contacting the company.
The percentage of visitors submitting contact details on your website is about 2-3% (Industry average), thus missing 97% of all opportunities.

Not needing to address the total potential population of buyers:

Addressing the total market population for your product or service can be huge undertaking, resulting in massive efforts and costs.
Limiting your prospecting efforts to the visiting companies that you have qualified as leads:

Maintaining relations more efficiently:

You can contact Customer, Ex-Customers and Missed Customers on a regular basis, however if you would contact them after their visit to your website, the likelihood of success will be higher.
Thus more efficiently.

LEADSExplorer leverages your Pull Marketing (Inbound) efforts, turning visitors into leads into Sales

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Technology and Lead Generation:

Lead Generation has always adopted new widespread technologies. Time to adopt LEADSExplorer - getting all possible leads from your website.

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Outbound marketing is rather easy, but the results are less compared to inbound marketing that is more complex to achieve.
However inbound marketing is priceless as it comes to effectiveness and return on investment in the long run. More

Use the inbound marketing to increase your sales:
If you need to increase your sales or the number of leads in your funnel, just follow-up on inquiries of incoming calls and email from interested parties.
These people inquire not just because of the interest they have in your products or solutions but also in order to have a personal contact or having the solution explained for their specific problem. More