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Read the mind of your customer

Know exactly what products or services your customer is looking for – and when this happens.
This will increase your bottom line as you can propose the required products or services at the very moment of interest and need.

LEADSExplorer allows you knowing:

  • The companies visiting your website : thus also your customers
  • The Search terms used by each visiting employee of the company: what are they looking for
  • The pages visited : the longest visited, the most visited, the total duration per page
  • The number of returning visitors from a customer
  • The exact timing of the demand
  • The level of interest
  • The changes in level of interest over time : increase or decrease

This is the digital body language of your customer.
You will know what they require which increases the likelihood of success and decreases significantly the waste of time as your salesmen will only call customers that have a demand.

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