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Screen shots SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System

SALESTractor = Lead generation + Customer retention

SALESTractor Front page

Selections on visits - Todo with direct acces to customer dataLast visits and reminders (To-Do list)

   Frontpage of SALESTractor Lead Follow-up: Insert new company
Insert any company from any other source: trade show, telephone, email, letter, ...
Upon first visit you will need to link the visitor with this company in DISCOVER.
After this linking the company will be presented in "RED" in DISCOVER.

   Company details & Lead Qualification:
Company info including memo
Lead qualification: description, value, probability, due date to be used in funnel

   Internet Data Mining:
Internet Data Mining using different Search tools on Company and People
Goal is to find info on Company and possible people to contact

   Contact details:
Insert, Edit, Delete data on your contacts or possible contacts
Each contact can be searched and investigated by pointing on contact name

   Connecting Visitors with Contacts
Can be achieved by:
- Email address capture
- Deduction by interaction of communications (or conversations) and website visits

   The Activity Chart: Communications and website visits
- Red: The website visits: intensity and height represent time and pages visited
- Blue: The communications: telephone - email - mailings - meetings - encounters

   The Contact History: Events
- The completed events: Strike through - Have been "Finished"
- Red: The event is due: you need to take action
- Complete current event by ticking "Finish previous event"
- Plan the next event on date and with the task

   Aggregated data on Searches and Visits:
Aggregated data for defining interests by company:
- Searches: times search words used"
- Pages visited: overall visits
- Pages visites last 2 weeks: indicates latest interest

Activity charts

Different selections possible:
Latest visits - Most visiting - Visits no action - Qualified leads - Visiting unqualified - To be watched
Indicates where to take action, when to follow-up, managing your funnel

   Qualified leads selection:
Showing qualified leads for follow up

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