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       Know the companies interested in your products from your website X   -   Let clicks become leads ! X
Get the customer before your competion does - Turn anonymous traffic into sales - Accellerate your lead generation
Sell more effectively than ever - Who is browsing your website - Turn unknown B2B visitors into business leads

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      - Watch companies visiting your website: leads and customers
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Screen shots

Main menu

LEADSExplorer Main
Includes 2 ToDo lists: one for today and one for the week.
White: is todo - Red is overdue

First you start in DISCOVER (find visiting companies), then continue in SALESTractor (nurturing, selling):


  • Companies on your website by name
  • Origin and characteristics
  • Interest by search term used and pages visited
  • Qualify as lead based upon above information

SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System

  • Leads & needs aggregated by company
  • Follow-up System for Leads, Customers, ...
  • Constant inflow of website data into follow-up system
  • Includes DISCOVER
DISCOVER Visitors Screenshot SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System Screenshot

Finding companies:
Visiting Company
Activity chart:
Activity Chart

Page visited by thumbnails:
Aggregated Keywords and Pages visited:
Aggregated Keywords and Pages wisited

Click here to view screenshots on DISCOVER Click here to view screenshots on SALESTractor

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