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Screen shots DISCOVER service

This is the service DISCOVER for Lead Generation, allowing to discover your visitors by company name

Main screen: Discovering

   Discover visits - revealing company names
Left: Browse the visits by scrolling with yellow band                    Right: The company information
By selecting on the left handside (yellow band turns into green band) the company information is displayed on the right hand side

   Discover visiting companies
Action: browse visits
Black: Visitors not yet identified - to be investigated
Blue: Companies identified by LEADSExplorer
Red: Companies existing in SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System

The origin of the visitors: Search words used

The origin of the visitors: Website link

   Visit data:
Company or ISP name                                                           Country - Language
Time & date of visit                             #Pages / time on pages - Number of visits

   Setting filters on visitors
Use these filters for viewing only interested visitors

   View history of visits & last visit
See returning visits of a company
Last or selected visit in detail: ordered by Chronological, Longest first or Viewtime
This allows you to qualify the company as a lead or not

   Completing company information
Verify and investigate on company by: visit site (if available)
or using [investigate on google] or [whois]

If the company is interesting as lead or known, then:
Complete company data by completing address and updating or adding memo
Classify company as Lead, Prospect, Customer, ... other
Attribute visiting company to salesman

Add Company to Lead Follow-Up data base by "Save to SALESTractor" - Company will be recognized during next visit (red)

Visitor can be nicknamed, characterised
Time zone: geographic location based upon visiting time

   Visitor identification as known contact
In case the visitor is known, then the contact data can be completed.
This data will be inserted into the SALESTractor Lead Follow-Up System

   Thumbnails - visit history
Several options for viewing:
Chronological, Longest watched, Longest total viewtime

Visit Report

   Make Selection on visits:
Make selections: Week, Date, Geographic Region, Lead Type
   Visit data:
This report allows to retieve information by different selections
In order to organise and to systematically follow up upon all your Visitors and Companies.

Visit by pages

   Lookup visitors by page:
From thumbnails: starting with most popular pages on the left
From search box: word in page title - or - word used in url
This report is used in case you are responsbile for certain products, retrieve only those visitors visiting your product pages.
Or to find the visitor that has downloaded a "White paper".

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