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Service Plans: details

Select the Service Plan which is the most appropriate for your company.

Discover package: Lead generation

This package consists of the DISCOVER Workplace:
By browsing the visits it allows you to discover, find and recognize Companies and their Employees (Visitors), retrieve information about the Company, attribute a salesman, categorize the company.

  • Company name
  • Company website - with access link opening in new window
  • Description of company activity
  • Online lead generation
  • Date and time of visit
  • Search engine used by Visitor
  • Search terms used by Visitor
  • City and Country
  • Geographical location by time zone of visitor PC (i.e. Central Europe, Pacific North America, Japan/Korea, India)
  • (Browser) Language - Number of Pages visited
  • Total time of visit (on site)
  • Number of previous visits from same Visitor
  • Labeling of Visitor: allow you to give him a significant name
  • Overview using page thumbnails (and naming of page) of visit in:
    • Chronological order
    • Longest First
    • Longest View time
  • Time spend on each page
  • Number of views of each page
  • Interactive and editable features:
    • Editing Company name
    • Labeling of Visitor: allows you to give him a recognizable name
    • Classifying (attributing to) each Visitor:
      • Lead
      • Customer
      • Ex-Customer
      • Competitor
      • Financial Institution
      • Individual
      • Media

This package allows you to scroll through all the visits. And for each visit the complete history of pages, which are represented by a convenient thumbnail of the actual page (and linking to the page on your website).

Visit Report
   This report allows retrieving information by different selections
   In order to organize and to systematically follow up upon all your Visitors and Companies
   The information for each visit from each Visitor.

  • Different time selections: last 24hrs, last week, specific date ranges
  • Selection by Region
  • Selection by Visitor type: Lead, Customer, Ex-Customer, Competitor, Financial Inst., Individual, Media 

Visits by page
  User can select, lookup every page of the website by thumbnail, which are ordered by most visited first:
  Upon which the different visits from all visitors are retrieved
  The information for every visit is the same as described above.
  This report allows finding Visitors and Companies interested in Products, Services or other specific items on the website.

Email alerts
  When one of the companies of the list visits, you will get an alert by email.

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SALESTractor package: Lead generation and Customer retention

Seed your leads, nurture your prospects and customers, and harvest sales
This package allows you to identify Companies, your contacts and their visitors. Follow up on their activities on your website using the Activity Chart and the build-in Lead Follow-up System.

- DISCOVER Workplace is included in the SALESTractor package:
   For information: See the 'DISCOVER package' above

- SALESTractor workplace:
   Extensive information about the visiting Companies, featuring a complete Lead Follow-up System:
  • Company information
  • Look up tools for company and contact information from different data bases.
  • Contact information
  • All email communications with the company
  • Event description with date and hour - Action to be taken with date
   Overview of the most popular pages
   Company Activity meter by day over 16 weeks, allows to see increase of decrease of interest
   All Visitors from each Company and their visits represented by thumbnails.

- Activity charts
Online lead generation   Activity charts can be sorted in different ways:

  • Latest visits
  • Most visiting companies (last 2 months)
  • Qualified leads
  • Visiting unqualified companies
  • To be watched

- Email integration
   Collecting emails in Lead Follow-up System for convenience and efficiency:

  • Collects all emails in one place by company
  • Creates contacts in contacts data base
  • Updates email history linked to your contacts
  • Manage all your contacts from anywhere
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Although the Internet leads for information gathering and as an influencer in the business–to-business, if you can reach your potential customer through their trusted party, then you have even more chance to close the sale due to the trust.