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LEADSExplorer Main
On the left: the visitors and the visiting statistics     On the right: Detailed information on company (or ISP)



Pick a visit that seems interesting to you
- Company name
- Number of pages visited

Possible cases:

Additional: Want to know geographic location of visitor?

  Company (in blue) and website (url) present

DISCOVER Company & url

- Company name in blue
- Website (url) relates to company

Please note:
Company name in red means: the company is already present in the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System

DISCOVER Details company

Company data available
Needs to be completed
There for visit their website
You can check the "Verified" box, if you have visited the site (Just as a reminder).

DISCOVER Details company completed

Get data from company website:
- Business activity
- Address
- Even email addresses

DISCOVER Pages visited

Qualify this company:
Is this company interesting enough?
- Pages visited
- Number of visits
- Information from their website

DISCOVER Previous visits

Qualification continued: Previous visits:
Find out if this company has been visiting before.
The more they have visited by different people the more interest.
This a good reason for qualifying a company as lead.

DISCOVER Saving company into Lead Follow-up System

Select type:
- Lead
- Prospect
- ...
- other
Then "Save to SALESTractor"
Company will be inserted into Lead Follow-up System data base.

DISCOVER Company info can be edited

After "Save to SALESTractor"
Company information is displayed.
The information can be edited, if you want to make changes.

DISCOVER Company name written in red

The company name is now in Red, as it is now in the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System database

Every next visit from this company will be registered and tracked.

  Only company name(in blue) - no website

DISCOVER Company name only

- Company name in blue
- Website (url) missing

DISCOVER investigate on Google

Only company name found
Use [Investigate on Google]
To find more information on company.

In case company is from foreign country, then use [Google.local] for search in that country.

DISCOVER inform about company on website

Normally you should find the website in the results on Google
Then visit their website in order to:
- Find information on company
- Know their business
- Get company address
- Contacts

DISCOVER complete company information and save

Complete company information
Indicate customer type
then "Save to SALESTractor"
Company is inserted into Lead Follow-up System

DISCOVER companies in Lead Follow-up System are written in red

After being saved into the database, the company name is displayed in red

  Website (url) and different company name

DISCOVER Only website found

Company name presented is different from website mentioned

DISCOVER Company and ISP

This is not coherent information:
Company name doesn't match the website.
Use [investigate on Google] in order to know if this is an ISP or a company.
Visit the website to see if this is company or ISP.

DISCOVER Google lookup on company name

The company name is clearly an ISP.
Thus click on the website link in order to visit website.

DISCOVER Visit website

This website is not an ISP but a company: this is the visiting company.
Look for company information and contact details

DISCOVER Complete company information

Complete company information:
- Name
- address
Then "Save to SALESTractor"

  ISP (black) or is it a company?

DISCOVER ISP or Company?

The website name ending on ".net" indicates an ISP.
LEADSExplorer indicates ISP, but name and website are not related. Thus investigation required.

DISCOVER ISP or Company?

The website link can be clicked on:
This will show an ISP
The name can be investigated using [investigate on Google].

DISCOVER Search on Google for name

The Google search results are clearly indicating a company, not an ISP.
Visit their website.
Collect information about:
- Business
- Company
- Contact details

DISCOVER Insert company within ISP

In order to change the ISP into a company: use
"You can insert a new company"
Then you can enter the company information
This specific Internet address from the wide range of addresses of this ISP, will from now on be recognized as the company.

DISCOVER Company dat completed and save

Once the company data is completed, then the newly found company is saved to SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System.

DISCOVER ISP name has been changed into company name

The ISP name (black) has been changed into the company name (printed in red).

  Want to know geographic location of visitor?

Timezone geographic location

Using data from visitor PC enables to determine the timezone in order to have his geographic location.

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