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Tour Email integration in CRM SALESTractor

  Two alternatives: Forwarding on server or "BCC:"

    1. Forwarding
Email dropbox

In the Forwarding method, your systems administrator should setup forwarding to your LEADSExplorer dropbox from your email account
This email address you can find under "Admin" in the main menu

    2. Manually: put Dropbox email address in every email in "BCC:" or forward "To:"
Cold Call

In the Manual case: Use your email system
"To:" contact information
"Bcc" your drop box email address (can be found under "Admin")

In case your email server has been set up with email forwarding to our server, don't use "Bcc:"

Cold Call

If you receive an email, then forward this email to your Dropbox email address.

In case your email server has been set up with email forwarding to our server, don't forward the email: your systems has done tis already for you.

  Result: Emails by company in SALESTractor

Cold Call

All your in- and outgoing email communication will be kept in SALESTractor by company, when using the "Bcc" or the email forwarding

Cold Call

The content of every email can be read in CRM SALESTractor.

Cold Call

Every email collected in SALESTractor will automatically be registered as an event in the contact history

Events Activity chart

The emails registered as events are plotted on the Activity chart together with the visits of your leads or customers on your website.
The visits are represented in the top part.
The communications are presented underneath.

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