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Workflow from visitors to suspects

This is the work flow we had in mind when we designed LEADSExplorer:

  1. Every day someone (or the salesmen) browses the visitors in DISCOVER
  2. Looking for an interesting company:
    • Visits many pages
    • Spends a lot of time on the website
    • Visits several times
    • Uses specific search terms
        Allowing to be qualified as a new suspect
  3. When clicking on this company, the right hand side opens
  4. You can investigate on this company by clicking to their website link or start a search on Google
  5. You can complete the company details
  6. In order not to lose this suspect it should be connected to a salesman for follow-up
    Select Salesman  
  7. Then click "Save to SALESTractor"
  8. Each salesman can find his suspects with all the visit data in SALESTractor for further follow-up
  9. Of course: all your customers visiting should be Saved to SALESTractor too.

    Visit data about companies saved in SALESTractor can be exported (csv file) for further use in other applications.

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