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Sell more effectively than ever - Who is browsing your website - Turn unknown B2B visitors into business leads

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Benefits and value for Management and CxO

A competitive advantage over competitors

As the next generation Sales and Marketing tool, LEADSExplorer provides access to actionable sales and marketing information, intelligence and insight about the visitors on your website that traditional tools and methods cannot provide. The service enables to predict and make decisions based on this visitor information, intelligence and insight. It will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Squeeze more out of your marketing budget

As your website receives traffic which is hardly converted into leads, why would you spend more on methods or systems to drive more traffic? Why spend money on ads, banners, email marketing when you’re not making the most of those that already are present on your website (i.e. the visitors) and that are a practically untouched source of leads?
LEADSExplorer provides a very cost effective method of obtaining qualified b2b leads for Sales and Marketing as they are already on your website: you just need to untap this source of leads. No need to increase marketing campaign costs, thus decrease the cost per acquisition.

Provide Sales & Marketing with actionable intelligence to succeed

LEADSExplorer is an enlightening and revealing service for any sales professional or marketer giving real-time access to actionable visitor intelligence, information and insight which includes:

  • Who is visiting your website
  • Their interest in products or services
  • Their level of interest
  • Their increase or decrease of level of interest over time (Activity charts)
  • The interaction between nurturing, communications and their reactions by visits on your website

This results in: quality b2b leads, cold calling without rejection fear, re-targeting by email with just a few clicks and less lost opportunities.
Only a minority of all people visiting your website will contact you or goes on to purchase. This is due to the fact decision makers and purchasers all have a tendency to `shop around` and crave information while staying incognito. They only will contact your company at almost the end of their purchase cycle when they have made their short list of vendors or suppliers. This results in a very short funnel and almost empty pipelines.

LEADSExplorer enables your marketing and sales teams lengthen the sales cycle by following up proactively shortly after a visit. This will ensure there are no lost opportunities. You will enjoy the significant higher conversion rates which are many times higher than conventional cold calling.

Identifiable up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

As existing customers will visit specific pages on your website your sales reps or account managers are able to call these customers smartly by presenting the interested products or services. The service provides easy up-sell and cross-sell opportunities leading to additional revenue.

Competitive advantage

Having access to information, intelligence and insight about visitors, which your competitors don’t have, your marketing and sales teams have the opportunity to convert and contact these opportunities before the competition.

Find out your individual business benefits and values from LEADSExplorer today with a 30-day free trial.

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