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Benefits and value for Marketing

Achieve measurable results

Business to business Marketers will obtain valuable information about suspects, leads, existing customers and lost opportunities in a cost effective method and intuitive manner. They will be able to improve and be precise for targeting, follow up and predicting the needs of suspects, leads, customers and ex-customers.

Get more value for your marketing budget

Get insight in your most indicative channel for intuitive insight: your website.
Obtain feed back on your marketing campaigns without even asking (Activity charts) allowing steering and adjusting your marketing campaigns. The more precisely you know the reactions and the quantity of reactions on your campaigns, the better they will become.Close the gap between sales and marketing

Marketing and sales will improve collaboration as they work together on the same web service about the same subject: the website. This will unify their work and experiences as they are active on a common ground.

Decrease your cost per acquisition

LEADSExplorer is your virtual assistant providing an economical source of B2B leads and opportunities 24 x 7. When you already have a steady stream of hot opportunities waiting to be contacted from your website why would you spend on expensive lead generation campaigns?
Explore and exploit the opportunities of the hot prospects that have been to your website and haven’t contacted you, before investing time and money in campaigns for driving more traffic to your site or purchasing lead sources.

Drive market segment profiling

Obtaining real-time and detailed information about who is visiting your website, visitor profiling becomes an option for B2B companies. Based on real time behavior you will understand and target your B2B prospects more effectively.

Manage lead management

LEADSExplorer allows you to manage the distribution of leads to the sales team and follow-up more efficiently (Activity Charts).

Monitor marketing campaigns in relation to site activity

Having access to suspect, prospect and customer insight enables you to monitor campaigns precisely allowing creating new targeted campaigns.
Knowing which pages your suspects, prospects or customers have been visiting due to a campaign, provides valuable insight into what triggers them to visit and what they are interested in. This will learn how and when to communicate with them.

Additionally cross-selling and up-selling opportunities can be identified.

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