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Content marketing

The lead generation content marketing problem

Your content marketing will drive visitors to your website where they will consume your content. Registration for your content is not possible as your content needs to be found by searches on the Internet. Therefore the search engines need to be capable to read and index your content in order to show up in their search results.
Thus your content marketing will bring traffic but no leads as no registration is possible and only very few people will (1%) ever contact you.

Identifying visiting companies

In order to solve this lead generation problem LEADSExplorer identifies the companies ('Caller Display') of the people looking into your content (including: location, language and visit statistics).
Additionally the service will track and reveal their further interest and level of interest in your products.

Re-targeting visiting companies with relevant content

The re-target functionality of the service will help you finding possible contacts within the company, which will allow you sending relevant emails to them by knowing their interest.
The effectiveness of this email marketing method is quite high as the people in these companies are interested at that very moment.

Using LEADSExplorer you can leverage your effort of your content marketing.

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