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Filling the empty sales funnel again

Internet searches instead of inquiries

Formerly you had leads entering your funnel as early as their first inquiry for products or finding a solution to their problem. Currently people research and investigate on the Internet instead:

  • Vendor and reseller websites
  • Social media, blogs, forums
  • Review websites

No calls, no emails, no meetings: thus no leads in your funnel during this evaluation and selection stage.

Late and short in funnel

It is only when:

  • They have made their decision to purchase
  • They want to evaluate 2 or 3 vendors

They will invite salesmen for a meeting.

Due to this your funnel is very short and your pipeline continuously almost empty and has little value for your business forecast.

Spotting and contacting leads earlier

In order to have leads entering you sales funnel as early as their first visit on your website, LEADSExplorer offers you to:

  • Reveal the companies visiting: company name, domain name, language, location
  • Retrieve business information from the Internet
  • Identify their needs: search terms used, pages visited
  • State the level of interest: number of returning visits, number of unique visitors, time on pages

Using the available information will allow you qualifying certain visiting companies as leads, who will then enter your funnel as early as their first website visits.

Additionally LEADSExplorer supports you in finding possible contacts within these companies in order to re-target them with emails or telephone calls on subjects relevant to their needs as you know exactly what they were looking for thanks to LEADSExplorer. This gives a high change of engagement into a successful and entertaining discussion.

LEADSExplorer permits you to fill your funnel again.

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