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Solving the web centric buying process

Changes due to Internet

Change in the buying process has been induced through the:

  • Search engines
  • The availability 24 / 7 of Internet information
  • Convenience

People will visit your website before and during their purchase cycle.
As such the buying process has become web centric.

The Advantages for marketing and sales:

  • Your website informs
  • Your website helps selling
  • Lowering the sales cost

The Disadvantages for marketing and sales:

  • Although people will visit they avoid to leave contact details or to contact you
  • Only when your solution is on the short list they will contact you
  • Any vendor anywhere in the world has become your competitor

The Requirements for leads:

  • You need to reach out early in their buying process
  • Contacting with solely information and messages that matter to them
  • You need to know the companies visiting
  • You need to know what they are looking for

The Solution for web centric buying process:

A web service that reveals the companies visiting, their interest and level of interest (automatic scoring).
Allowing you to contact these visiting companies with a message that matches their interest timely.

Results for marketing and sales

The goal is to achieve measurable results cost effectively for both marketing and sales.

This relates to the digital body language of your lead.
You will know what your leads require which increases the likelihood of success and decreases significantly the waste of time as your salesmen will only call leads having a demand.

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