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Qualify your B2B website visitors

  • Classify your visitors
  • Score your visitors using
    • website visit data
    • Internet company information
    • Search terms used
  • Qualify visitors: leads, possible interesting and not interesting

Once your website visitors have been identified by company name, as you cannot chase all possible visitors, the next step is to classify them: website visitor qualification.

There are 4 classes of visitors:
  • The perfect visitor:
    They know exactly what they want.
    They investigate for products or services similar to yours.
  • The almost-know-what-they-want:
    They have identified a strongly felt need, but they are still in the process of narrowing down their search criteria.
  • The window shoppers:
    They don't want anything now, but could be persuaded over time.
  • The no prospects:
    This last visitor group isn't prospects, as they accidentally found and visited your website.

Visitor scoring:

The visitor qualification can be obtained by investigating in:

  • The data from the website by individual visitor or aggregated by company:
    • The origin of the visit:
      • The search terms used
      • The originating website
      • Type of link: organic, paid, linked, from an email campaign
    • The activity on your website:
      • Pages visited 
      • Time spent on these pages
      • Click path 
      • The returning visitors
    • The location in the world
    • The language used
  • The researched information concerning the company on the Internet
    • The nature of the company
    • The business of the company
    • The (office) locations of the company
    • The financial situation of the company
    • The size of the company

Combining all this information will allow to qualify the website visitors or visiting companies in following categories:

  • Interesting:
    To be saved into the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System
    By using “Future visits” you can receive an email alert on the next visits
    This “Alert” feature also exists for the individual visitor.
  • Not yet interesting:
    To be evaluated on next visit(s)
    There is an overview of the history of visits in DISCOVER by visitor
    By using “Future visits” you can receive an email alert on the next visits
  • Not interesting:
    Forget about the visitor or company
    You can put the visitor on “Ignore” in “Future visits”
    You can put the company or ISP on “Ignore” in “Future visits”

Additionally a classification by kind:
  • Lead
  • Prospect
  • Customer
  • Ex-Customer
  • Competitor
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Individual
  • Other

Efficient lead generation

By just addressing to the interesting companies, you will communicate with companies interested in your products or services.
In case of a Cold Call the call will be to a “warm” company.
In case of an emailing, the timing and the subject are already appropriate.

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