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Trace and observe reactions on Activity charts after communications

Tracing and observing after communications

People visit your website because of interest, but also after or before a communication:

  • They have received an email
  • They are being called
  • They have received a letter
  • A meeting is planned: Before and  after the meeting
  • They are preparing or after a trade show visit

Thus in most cases, your communications will induce a website visit.
By tracing the visits combined with the communications the reactions upon your communications can be investigated.

Activity charts

All the website visit data flows continuously into the Lead Follow-up System SALESTractor, it is always up-to-date with all the possible visit information by the seamless integration.

activity visitors on website

The tracing of communications and website visits is provided visually by the Activity charts where your communications are plotted against the website visits.
The height and intensity of the website visits indicators represent the number of pages visited and the duration on pages.

Action on reactions upon communication

By analyzing the Activity charts you can further define or change the subject of the message:

  • If they don’t visit after a communication, you need to change your subject of the message
  • If they visit, it will allow you to analyze their reaction upon your communications. This can be to confirm, so you can continue to send out the same message or to change your message as there seems to be another point of interest.

Behavior visitors

In any case you should additionally verify the actual pages visited by the last visitor(s) of a company when you want to adjust the content or the subject of your communication.
All the visits are separately available in the Lead Follow-up System SALESTractor just like in DISCOVER.

This method will allow you to follow-up closely your leads or customers in their buying process.

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